Field service organizations rely on rugged tools that can weather any environment and situation, and the same is true for their mobile computing and communication devices. Professional services, public utilities, maintenance and repair services, and telecommunications operations all face similar challenges—difficult weather, tight schedules, real-time communication and the need for centralized data access and input. 


Public Utilities – From managing customers, capacity, personnel and regulatory requirements, productivity can be a challenge for a water, gas, electric or sanitation utility. Ruggedized tablets are valuable tools for streamlining operations, ensuring on-time service, managing and scheduling repairs and maximizing resources.

Maintenance and Repair Services – As maintenance timelines are stretched by unforeseen circumstances and budget cuts, rugged tablets are an economical way to optimize resources, manage field personnel, track work orders and ensure the delivery of necessary parts and equipment.

Telecommunications – What is typically required in the telecom industry is a tablet that can withstand the elements, both in-vehicle and while the worker is out on foot, with constant access to work orders and other real-time information.


Increase efficiency and productivity

Improve customer satisfaction and service levels

Optimize resource utilization and save on fuel costs

Real-time access to data at the point of service

Improve data accuracy and eliminate duplicate work

Capture images of damaged items for no-questions claims processing

Accelerate payment cycles



Delivery route optimization

Work order management

Proof of service and payment collection

Asset management

Shipping and receiving

Workforce automation

Resource optimization


Industrial equipment maintenance

Home repair and service

Product Features

Engineered for temperature exposure, vibration, drop, shock, dust and water resistance

Standard, full-screen software applications that run in a full Android environment

Rockchip processor for graphic and data intensive applications

Secure connectivity for real-time communication

Easy release vehicle mounted tablets 

All-light readable display for indoor and outdoor use

Integrated, tethered or wireless barcode scanning to ensure accurate data input

RFID reading through optional devices

Color camera

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