Everyone knows how important it is to improve visibility of supply chain. It can increase efficiency and productivity of mobile workforce and help to become more responsive to customer needs.

Waysion’s rugged tablets will help you achieve more timely and accurate store delivery, build a stronger brand image, improve utilization, lower inventory costs and make substantial improvements to your overall operations. 


Beer, wine & spirits – Moving cases of beer, wine and spirits requires a ruggedized device that can provide fast and accurate inventory management. Tablets have the power and functionality you need including barcode scanning.

Water – This fast-growing segment faces many challenges, including compliance, escalating fuel costs and the need to manage inventory and optimize resources. Tablets improve operational efficiency, increases mobile workforce productivity and has proven, over time, to be more cost efficient than consumer-grade devices.

Dairy – With “time” being such a critical factor in the management of perishable products, distribution efficiency is increasingly important when it comes to meeting customer needs. Waysion devices streamline core business functions for better visibility, accountability and productivity.

Soft drinks & energy drinks – The soft drink and energy drink industry is complex, with many different SKUs and new products being launched every day. Manage products and inventory efficiently by using tablets with integrated barcode scanners.

Snack foods – With tight profit margins, you need the right tools can make your field representatives more efficient. With Waysion’s tablets, you will be able to assess workload and capacity, ensure dispatch and route optimization, and access updated personnel schedules.


Ensure compliance with brand standards and retailer requirements.

Better manage accounts and improve customer service while lowering operating costs.

Exchange information between supplier and buyer instantly by enabling electronic invoicing with DEX.

Enter orders remotely. Enable precise management of orders from the moment they are placed.

Address product replenishment to keep product on the shelves and avoid product out-of stocks.

Optimize routing and re-routing of field sales personnel.

Track and manage inventory from the supplier to the consumer in real-time and know where your products and resources are, always.

Capture an image of a signature for proof of delivery.

Increase the number of stops per day and speed up settlement. Enable field sales to sell more by securing additional shelf space for your product.



Peddle sales




Product Features

RFID capabilities for fast and accurate data collection

Truck and car mounts available

OS runs full-screen versions of vertical and traditional business applications

Powerful processor for graphic and inventory intensive applications

Tablets with ideal screen real estate to view maps, presentations and shelf sets

Integrated color camera to capture images of damaged goods and competitive displays

WLAN and WWAN connectivity for real-time communication

GPS for route optimization and reduced fuel costs

Built rugged for operation in cold/warm storage and outdoors

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