The technical capacity of rugged tablets coupled with their unmatched durability make them the ideal tool for mission critical computing; from the office to the battlefield.  Professionals working in the military and public sector not only need access to intelligence remotely, they often need to capture information in the field.  There are several software applications, available for rugged devices, designed to facilitate effective and safe work flows in virtually every area of the public sector.  

For EMS, Fire and Police, crews have access to better and more vital information on-site allowing individuals to quickly and accurately complete reports or respond to various needs. 


Law enforcement

Fire departments– Our ultra-mobile, rugged, wireless-enabled tablets support customized applications and field investigation forms and let you take advantage of easy input and one-hand operation.

EMS – You can count on us to deliver lightweight, field-ready tablet computers that are designed for any situation where versatility is critical to a successful mission.

Public works inspection – Whether it’s restaurant and food or building code inspections, tough tablet PCs will let you get more work done faster.

Military & defense – Rugged tablets meet the computing requirements for rugged exposure and real-time communications that military applications demand.

Homeland security & border patrol – Our ultra-mobile, rugged, wireless-enabled handheld tablets withstand the harsh working conditions that you encounter on a daily basis. 


Collect and organize mission-critical data anywhere

Wirelessly transfer evidence information or images to agencies

Instantly access criminal records

Real-time access to the latest building code information for enforcement

Expedite issuing permits

Eliminate errors and duplication of work


Field interviews

Ticketing and citations

Inspections with photo documentation (Fire safety, building codes, health inspection, etc.)

Investigations (Accident, criminal, insurance, etc.)

Personnel tracking and deployment

Field command center operations

Security and crowd control

Emergency response

Real-time access to various department databases 

Photo evidence and cataloging


Product Features

Secure, user-friendly  OS

Devices built to survive rain, snow, dust, vibration and drops to concrete

Handheld, stationary or vehicle-mounted handling options

Quick-release vehicle mounts for take the device in to the field

Integrated, tethered or wireless barcode scanning

Bluetooth and various I/O ports for attaching keyboard, printer and more

Secure wireless LAN and WWAN communications

GPS for location stamping and turn-by-turn directions

Color camera for photo documentation

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