Rail – From tracking rolling stock to streamlining the delivery of people and freight, rugged tablets can help you manage your workforce and keep pace with the daily operations.

Intermodal – Built to meet the demands of shock, vibration, moisture exposure and temperature extremes, our devices let you analyze resource utilization, create schedules, evaluate capacity and plan transfers from one mode of transport to another.

Planes & Airports – The rugged tablets from Waysion, along with its accessories, is a valuable tool in streamlining plane and airline operations, ensuring on-time departures and arrivals and meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

Shipping & Ports –Ideal for withstanding the harsh atmosphere of ports, warehouses, cold storage and dock transfer, rugged devices are versatile tools for supply chain management, vessel tracking and ship maintenance.  

Trucking – Waysion’s Tablet series of rugged computers are ideally suited for the trucking and transport industries, allowing truckers and fleet managers to succeed in demanding work conditions that allow little room for error.


Communicate with workers in real-time

Reduce costly paperwork

Eliminate data entry errors

Track container locations

Optimize asset utilization

Improve customer service

Capture images of damaged items

Minimize downtime



Route optimization

Capacity management

Proof of service and/or delivery

Inventory management

Shipping and receiving

Inspections and maintenance

Various GPS and RFID applications

Passenger ticketing

In-transit visibility (ITV)

Product Features

Standard, full-screen software applications that run on Professional or Home Edition OS

Rockchip processor for complex T&L applications

Built rugged for drop, shock, water resistance, dust and temperature exposure

Handheld, stationary or mounted handling options

Long-life battery options

All-light readable display for indoor and outdoor use

Integrated, tethered or wireless barcode scanning to ensure accurate data collection

RFID reading through optional devices

Secure wireless LAN and WWAN connectivity for real-time communication

Color cameras to capture images of damaged goods

GPS for route optimization and fuel cost reduction

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