When you’re in manufacturing and warehousing, you need a rugged computer system that can handle complex data collection and tracking applications. Whether your facility is private, public, automated, climate-controlled or a distribution center (DC), it is vital to keep the right product moving to the proper destination as efficiently as possible.

Instead of using a variety of smaller specialty handhelds, the tablet capabilities give you the ability to operate off-the-shelf software written for the standard Android environment. This gives you real-time access to information about inventory, work-in-progress, assets and other trackable

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) – Tight margins and increasing demands from retailers and consumers require greater productivity and management of products through the consumer goods supply chain. Our rugged tablets help you get the right products in the right quantities to the retailer so that they are always there when consumers want them. From shop floor data collection to delivery to the store or directly to the consumer,  Waysion provide accurate real-time information regarding your products on the move.

Industrial packaged goods (IPG) – To stay competitive, there is constant pressure for industrial goods manufacturers to cut operational costs and improve delivery to customers. The rugged tablet from Waysion allow you to streamline your entire supply chain operation from receiving parts and tracking them through manufacturing, to the warehouse and finally to the customer. Tablets support ERP and warehouse management systems and can be mounted directly to the support for applications including inventory management, cross-docking, pick and put away and direct store delivery.


Ensure quality control

Ensure shipping and inventory accuracy

Optimize efficiency

Improve product turns

Track goods from production to loading

Real-time order status

Improve customer satisfaction and retention


Volume dimensioning for accurate billing

Shop floor data collection

Work in progress (WIP)

Shipping and receiving

Quality assurance

Time & attendance


Inventory management / tracking

Pick and put away functions

Cross dock / LTL

Product Features

Handheld, stationary or handling options

Standard full screen software applications that run in standard environments

3D camera for precise volume dimensioning

External WiFi antenna for improved connectivity

Built to survive extreme vibrations and temperatures

RFID reading through optional devices

Secure wireless LAN

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