Agriculture & Farming

Livestock management, soil sampling, variable rate application, scouting, monitoring and much more. A mobile way of managing inputs, processes and outputs.


Streamline construction processes by utilizing all-weather rugged tablet. Increase efficiency on the job site


To provide tablet offerings to help the education community inspire new ways of teacing and learning.

Energy - Oil, Gas & Minin...

Tablets are designed specifically for industries such as this. Where mobile workers must be productive no matter the weather conditions.

Field Services

As a full screen tablet with a full OS and Intel processing power, the devices will give your field workers instant access to the data, information and instructions they need, when and where they need it.

Food & Beverage Distribut...

Ruggedized tablets give you the ability to improve customer service, reduce errors and increase profitability. Improving operations from order to delivery.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers need powerful, reliable and rugged computing systems in the field. Rugged tablets are the solution.


The manufacturing industry needs rugged tablets to outlast the environment, whether mounted or hand-carried. Best-in-class manufacturing tablets.

Public Sector Fire Depart...

As public sector and federal government workers, you work in rugged conditions all the time. That’s why you need rugged, secure, reliable devices to do your job.

Retail Supply Chain

Keeping the right products flowing from the manufacturer to the distributor to the stock room and finally to the consumer is critical to ensuring a superior customer experience.

Transportation & Logistic...

Transportation transformation. Whether by land, sea or air, tablets help improve safety, save fuel and time, and increasing overall productivity while enhancing customer service.


The fastest growing segment of rugged tablet users due to the ability for devices to be forklift-mounted as well as hand carried.

Rescue after disaster

Any timely information might be the key for more value

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