Patient experience and satisfaction as features of patient-centered medical and hospital care have become a key focus for healthcare providers. It generates from open interaction and communication between patient and the healthcare provider and to reach that, requires fully integrated IoT systems alongside well-designed software platforms. Those two together will take care of Patient Engagement, Patient Education, Patient Entertainment, and Patient management and will also provide great tools and platforms for the care team staff.

In this aspect, Interactive hospital display solutions are answers to improve patient management and better workflow optimization, and they transform the way healthcare staff deliver care, and help to create smarter medical and hospital environments for patients to be comfier and happier, for healthcare to be more efficient and convenient.

Medical and Hospital Care

Waysion has been specially customizing and developing Bedside Infotainment Solutions to provide a convenient environment for clinicians and patients, and to improve the patient healthcare experience. It’s an all-in-one computer with connections and ports for communication that allows it to be used for multiple purposes at a patient’s hospital bedside: for information (patient and healthcare provider) and for entertainment (patient) and also for diagnosis, and maintaining electronic medical records at the point of care. By utilizing such all-in-one display solutions, all parties can benefit much from the following services:

  • Medical care service and automated pharmacy fulfillment
  • Patient MSR Self-examination and doctor case consultation
  • Clinician identification and real-time VOIP communication
  • RFID, barcode, and smart card reader compatible for data retrieve
  • Patient catering management and dietary ordering
  • Care workstation and latest hygiene and safety standards
  • Patient Entertainment services (TV, Radio, Video, audio, and games)
  • Patient Social connection (Video chat and social media)

We should not see the wood for the trees, all parties including patients, caregivers, family members, and visitors should be benefited from our such solutions.   For example, it’s also important that with the last two services, we are providing a better engagement experience not only to patients but also to others that are around the patients as well. Besides, healthcare organizations can manage the feedback from all the parties and then measure the quality of care, services provided, and areas that need improvement. And, in addition to being used in a hospital, it can also be used in treatment centers and laboratories, in doctors’ offices to support telemedicine, and even for home health care. A well-proved and user-friendly healthcare system is just one step away from you.

Medical & Hospital Care