Smart farming is growing in importance due to the combination of the expanding global population, the increasing demand for higher crop yield, the need to use natural resources efficiently, the rising use and sophistication of information and communication technology and the increasing need for climate-smart agriculture.

WAYSION MDTs (Mobile Data Terminal) have been widely applied in the field of Smart Farming systems as an important part, such as spraying, mowing & foraging, slurry & muck spreading, sowing, monitoring of planting, fertilizer application.

  • Android, Linux, WinCE OS, compatible with different agricultural app version
  •  3G/4G, GPS, WLAN, BT connectivity for real-time data collection, communication and management of agricultural production
  •  Rugged, waterproof & dustproof make it work well in harsh environment
  •  Flexible mounting with RAM or VESA bracket
  • Can be customized according to customers’ requirements
Smart Farming with MDT's