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Fleet Management

Fleet management offers far more than just a dot on a map but is also now changing the whole fleet systems by offering real-time visibility into the fleet’s operations, from anywhere. To be specific, fleet telematics allows managers to have a bird’s eye on the driver, vehicle location, engine status, gas level, and maintenance details, to optimize route management, save fuel cost and improve driver efficiency.

MQ88 | Rugged Mobile Display Terminal

Medical and Hospital

Patient experience and satisfaction as features of patient-centered medical and hospital care have become a key focus for healthcare providers. It generates from open interaction and communication between patient and the healthcare provider and to reach that, requires fully integrated IoT systems alongside well-designed software platforms. Those two together will take care of Patient Engagement, Patient Education, Patient Entertainment, and Patient management and will also provide great tools and platforms for the care team staff.

MT2199 | Mobile Data Terminal

Online & Smart Education

Digital is transforming many industries, and the education industry is no exception.

Smart education, a concept that describes learning in digital age, has gained significance attention in recent years.

Traditionally, education has been imparted in schools across the world in classrooms using the tools of a blackboard, chalkboard, textbooks, assessments, and assignments. The students enrolled themselves in these physical schools and attended classes five days a week.

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Commercial Advertising

Waysion takes pride as the professional provider of innovative, flexible and feature-packed Commercial Display Products in the market. Boasting the cutting-edge features and modern design, Waysion redefines a whole new way of delivering an ultimate viewing experience to enhance engagement with the audience.

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Embedded MCU IoT Modules

The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things(IoT)” is changing our world and it can be everywhere around us. We can provide total system solutions for creating smart, connected and secure Internet of Things (IoT) designs. This complete product offering simplifies the development of innovative wired and wireless systems, getting you to production faster and speeding up your revenue stream.

Internet of Things | Mobile Data Terminals

Smart Farming

Smart farming is growing in importance due to the combination of the expanding global population, the increasing demand for higher crop yield, the need to use natural resources efficiently, the rising use and sophistication of information and communication technology and the increasing need for climate-smart agriculture.

WAYSION MDTs (Mobile Data Terminal) have been widely applied in the field of Smart Farming systems as an important part, such as spraying, mowing & foraging, slurry & muck spreading, sowing, monitoring of planting, fertilizer application.

Smart Farming | Mobile Data Terminal

Intelligent Special Vehicles

As a technology company, WAYSION focuses on innovative approaches within all of its product areas. WAYSION is able to supply high-performance Mobile Data Terminals (MDT) for intelligent special vehicles. This opens up new potential to optimize the whole system and productivity of special vehicles and applications.

All Waysion MDTs are rugged, compact and extendable all-in-one tablets which can be adopted in various scenarios. They play a role in the solutions for vehicle-related applications that help companies manage their fleets of some special vehicles, such as ambulance, police cars, garbage trucks, folklifts etc.

MV73 | Mobile Virtual Display Terminal

Waysion specializes in the design and manufacturing of mobile terminals.

Applications cover fleet management, taxi dispatch, hospital bedside display terminal, smart commercial display, smart home control and industrial IoT solutions.

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