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●Rugged enclosure design with I rating
●Rockchip PX3 Quad-core ARM Cortex-A9, 1.6 GHz
●Android 7.1 operating system
●Integrated 2D/3D Mali-400MP4 GPU, up to 600 MHz
●Built-in 0.3 MP CMOS front camera, built-in stereo speakers(2W.8Q)x2
●Built-in 4G/3G cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS+GLONASS+BEIDOU (optional)
●Built-in and Extended l/0 interfaces USB Type A, TF(up to 128 GB), RJ45, 2xRS232,OTG

Equipping the in-vehicle workforce with digitalization to keep in coordination with their team, could add up to an immense boost in productivity. Waysion recognizes the importance of connectivity to the workers of the vehicle industry. V7 Mobile Data Terminal of Waysion is the technological revolution in the vehicle industry. V7 is an Android-based 7-inch mobile data terminal that is powered by Rockchip PX3 ARM® Cortex™-A9 quad-core processor. The newly designed enclosure provdes a good ingress protection rating of IP65. With a sunshade hood, it can work in cab during the daytime. V7 integrates a variety of communication modules such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G/3G cellular, and GPS. For more peripheral devces it has a pigtail cable to meet various l/O ports, like RS232, RJ45, USB, OTG, etc.


Ultra-Durable LCD Protection

V7 has the 7-inch LCD screen with a capacitive multi-touch panel. That means no stress over the scratch, drop, or impact with super-strong insurance construction. While the remainder of your gadget is effectively and completely secured by a strong metal, elastic, and plastic fenced-in area.

Enhance Fleet Efficiency

Waysion in-vehicle tablets present the solution basement to streamlinethe workflow, either fleet and logistics tracking, vehicle dispatchingregular maintenance, or possible immediate response to faults andfailures.


Multiple Connections for External Equipment

V7 also provides multiple connections for external equipment. lt can beextended with USB, OTG, RS232 Ethernet, etc. Through the extension ofMDT with other peripherals, a user can feel a more enjoyable experience

Rugged Design

Water & dustproof design can meet the in-cab harshest environment. Nomatter in the hottest Middle East, or the coldest North Europe, V7 can stillwork smoothly to help drivers.

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