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V7S Rugged Industrial Tablets


The V7S emerges as a pivotal Android-based mobile data terminal, boasting a compact 7-inch design and fortified by the RK3568 Quad-core Cortex-A55 processor. Tailored explicitly for the in-vehicle workforce, its primary aim lies in elevating productivity through seamless digitalization and enhanced connectivity.

One of the standout features of the V7S is its IP65 ingress protection rating, ensuring operational reliability even in challenging environments. Equipped with a sunshade hood, it’s optimized for in-cab usage during daylight hours, making it an ideal companion for various vehicular operations.

Moreover, the V7S seamlessly integrates a spectrum of communication modules, encompassing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G/3G cellular capabilities, and GPS functionality. This confluence of connectivity options enables efficient data transmission, real-time communication, and precise location tracking, amplifying its utility across diverse industries.

The 7-inch LCD screen adorning the V7S is more than just a display. It’s fortified with a capacitive multi-touch panel, engineered for durability to withstand scratches, accidental drops, and impacts. This robust design ensures longevity and uninterrupted functionality even in demanding working conditions.

Operating on the Android 11 OS, the V7S harnesses the prowess of a platform known for its efficiency, intuitive user interface, a suite of APIs, app shortcuts, split-screen multi-tasking capabilities, and revamped notifications. These features converge to enhance user experience and streamline workflows for the mobile workforce.

In terms of connectivity versatility, the V7S offers a plethora of options for linking external equipment. USB, OTG, RS232, Ethernet, CAN bus, and AV in functionalities empower the device to adapt and cater to a wide array of industrial application scenarios. This adaptability positions the V7S as a versatile tool, capable of seamlessly integrating with various equipment and systems within a diverse operational landscape.

Furthermore, the V7S extends its reach by offering comprehensive wireless connectivity. With the ability to establish a robust remote network through Wi-Fi and/or 4G LTE Connectivity, it ensures uninterrupted data access and communication, regardless of the geographical constraints, thereby fostering a seamless operational ecosystem.

The V7S, with its amalgamation of robust hardware, resilient design, advanced operating system, and diverse connectivity options, emerges as a reliable and versatile asset for the in-vehicle workforce, empowering them to operate efficiently and effectively across multifaceted industrial landscapes.

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