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Waysion Q777 rugged tablet is a high-performance, vehicle-mounted Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) designed to meet the demands of various industries such as transportation, logistics, and field services. Here are some key features and specifications of the Q777, as mentioned in the provided search results:

  1. Design and Durability:

    The Q777 has a rugged enclosure with an IP65 rating, making it resistant to water, dust, and other particles. It is designed to withstand harsh conditions, such as subzero temperatures, snow, and dust, ensuring reliability in tough environments.

  2. Processor and Operating System:

    It is powered by a Rockchip RK3568 processor with a clock speed of 2.0GHz and runs on the Android 11 operating system, providing robust performance for multitasking and resource-intensive applications.

  3. Display:

    The tablet features a bright and daylight viewable TFT-LCD with LED backlight, ensuring clear visibility even in bright outdoor conditions.

  4. Camera and Audio:

    It comes with a built-in 2.0MP CMOS front camera and a 5.0MP rear camera, along with built-in stereo speakers for clear audio communication.

  5. Connectivity:

    The Q777 offers built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, with optional 4G/3G cellular modules for uninterrupted connectivity in remote or challenging locations. It also supports GPS, GLONASS, and BEIDOU for precise location tracking.

  6. I/O Interfaces:

    The tablet is equipped with a variety of built-in and extended I/O interfaces, such as RS232, RS422/RS485, AHD Camera In, and DC input, which are suitable for various applications and integration with other devices.

  7. Battery:

    It has a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery that provides up to 3 hours of battery backup, ensuring continuous operation during extended work hours or in situations without access to charging.

  8. Customization and Accessories:

    Waysion offers customization options for the Q777, including hardware, software, product ID, cables/connectors, etc., to meet specific application requirements.

  9. Application Fields:

    The Q777 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including fleet management, taxi dispatch, intelligent public transportation, warehouse management, and more.

  10. Company Background:

    Waysion, the manufacturer of the Q777, is a well-established company with a strong focus on rugged products used in harsh automotive environments. They have a team of experienced engineers and adhere to ISO9001 standards for quality assurance.

What is a Waysion Q777 rugged tablet?

The Q777 rugged tablet by Waysion is a versatile and durable device that caters to the needs of professionals working in challenging conditions where a standard tablet would not suffice. It is designed to enhance productivity and efficiency while ensuring the safety and reliability of data communication in the field.

What is after sales service about the Q777 rugged tablet?

All life time worry-free after sales service

We offer a standard one-year warranty for our products, and we also provide the option to extend the warranty period at a reasonable cost, based on your requirements.

What is the rugged tablet Q777’s price reference?

High Price to Performance Ratio!

Waysion has in-house product research & development, tooling building/injection, manufacturing and inspection, our cost is 10-20% lower than industry. Contact us now for detailed price information according to your specific hardware & software requriements.

Know-how for Professional Customers in Fleet Management, Intelligent Public Transportation, Smart Mining/Construction...

18 Years Experience

30+ Regions(High Reputation Globally)

2500 ㎡ Factory

10+ R&D Team(5+ years at Waysion)

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