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●Rugged enclosure design with IP65 rating
●Rockchip RK3568,2.0GHz
●Android 11 operating system
●Integrated Mali-G52-2EE GPU, up to 800MHz
●Built-in 2.0MP CMOS front camera, 5.0 back camera, built-in stereo speakers
●Built-in WiFi, Bluetooth (4G/3G cellular optional)GPS+GLONASS+BEIDOU
●Built-in and Extended I/O interfaces ACC Input, ReverseGear Trigger, RS232, RS422/RS485,AHD Camera In, DC inetc

Q777 is the latest Waysion’s offering which is specially designed by keeping in view the latest market trends. It is an all-in-one rugged detachable, portable, and high-performance vehicle-mounted Mobile Data Terminal that provides an outstanding user experience. Q777 is the 7-inch special, smart and intelligent mobile data terminal with a bright and daylight viewable TFT-LCD, LED backlight. Moreover, it is equipped with Android 11 OS, lithium-polymer based high-capacity battery and Quad-Core A55 ARM processor which results in high-performance prolonged battery backup and low power consumption. In addition to this, various features such as different wireless communication modules, make it as the best choice. Taking all these factors into consideration, it can be a perfect companion for a mobile workforce in transportation and logistics.


Compact Design, Easy for Portable Use

The compact design of Q777 makes it aesthetically attractive and easy for portable use. The portability of a device will help your workers to work smarter.
4GB LPDDR4 RAM , 32GB eMMC ROM, RK3568 processor, Integrated Graphic Card, Extendable Storage, Docking Station, USB Type-C, RS232, RS422, AHD camera input. These are the front-end specifications that make Q777 the best MDT

Rugged, Resistance and Capabilities

The major problem with most of the mobile data terminals throughout the world is that, these devices are not capable of passing ruggedness and resisting against the harsh environments. Q777 is an IP65 grade Android-based MDT
that is specially designed with the capabilities to tolerate harsh scenarios such as subzero-temperature, snow, dust, passing ruggedness and other rough situations. Q777 has already proved itself for many companies as the most
efficient, rugged and best in-vehicle portable choice!


Built for all-day every-day business High Capacity Battery and Low Power Consumption

Q777 is equipped with a high capacity (3.7V 5000mAh) battery based on Lithium-Polymer which can provide up to 3 hours long battery backup. Moreover, the fast ultra-low-power processor combines with plenty of memory, allowing workers to run multiple apps simultaneously. And the processor minimizes power consumption, extending useful battery life.

All-In-One Approach Makes Q777 a Perfect Choice

Q777 comprehensively covers all the modern features in one device. It is equipped with the latest Android 11 operating system, a highly optimized Rockchip Quad-core processor and an advanced touch screen technology that gives an outstanding user experience to the end-user. With its highly responsive touch input capabilities, this powerful rugged tablet gives all of your workers the flexibility to quickly and comfortably complete any task at their hands. Thus, it makes the perfect companion for your logistics mobile workforce.


Reliable Network Module for Many Industrial Applications

Cellular signaling schemes and digital data transmission modules are very important for the portable devices. Different industrial applications
under different conditions like an indoor, desert , cave and much more, need a reliable network module to keep the device connected with and
let you make full use of MDT. After a long research and technical assessments by our highly professional tech experts, we have chosen Quectel
4G (LTE, UMTS, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA, and GSM) network module for our Q777.

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