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IP65 vs IP67 vs IP68 Tablets: Differences, Performance, and Best Uses Explained (2023 Guide)


When talking about IP65,IP67, and IP68 rated tablets, these represent different levels of dust and water resistance of the device. The difference between these levels can affect the performance, applicable scenarios and price of the device. Let’s take a closer look at their similarities, differences and applications in different situations.


IP rating refers to the standard established by the International Electrotechnical Commission to evaluate the ability of equipment to resist dust and water. The two digits after the number represent the dustproof and waterproof levels respectively. IP67-rated devices score well when it comes to protection against dust, while IP68-rated devices are even better at protecting against liquids.


IP65: Compared with IP67, they are no different in terms of dust resistance, but slightly inferior in liquid protection. IP65 equipment is suitable for scenarios requiring more common cleaning and spraying, such as the medical or food industries.


IP67: Equipment with this rating can withstand prolonged immersion in water up to 1 meter deep, but is not guaranteed for use in deeper water. They are resistant to dust and are suitable for outdoor activities and general industrial environments.


IP68: This is the highest rating, meaning the device is completely dust-proof and capable of being used in deep water for extended periods of time (usually several meters). IP68 tablets are suitable for extreme environments, such as underwater exploration, marine research, etc.


Price/performance varies depending on the features required. IP67 generally provides a good balance between price and performance and is suitable for the vast majority of outdoor and industrial environments. IP68 may be more expensive, but it is very valuable in scenarios that require extreme environmental protection.


Different levels of tablet computers are suitable for different user needs and usage scenarios. Choosing the appropriate IP rating depends on the environment in which the device will be used, and the user’s need for dust and water resistance.

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