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Why you Need On-board Computer


An on-board computer is a small but a very useful car device that shows all the information about the car and displays it to the driver. In particular, it shows:

  • Quantity and consumption of fuel;
  • Frequency of rotation and temperature of engine;
  • Statistics about distance and speed;
  • Power system voltage;
  • Air temperature and other parameters.

It will show how much fuel is consumed in different driving modes, when it is cold or you overtake the other car. It will clearly demonstrate how it is better  to go to get a full warm-up. It will help to estimate the average and instantaneous consumption of patrol when taking into account the residual fuel and the distance it will cover.

The on-board computer analyzes the state of all car systems and instantly reports potential problems. This is a guarantee not only of a comfortable ride, but also of safety on the road. And the newer models offer much wider functionality with additional options. For example, one of the possibilities is the ability to calculate the optimum speed on different sections of the road.

All information can be collected separately from different sensors. But it is much longer and very uncomfortable to do while you drive the car. The on-board computer will do everything on its own, and its reports will be more accurate. At the same time it automatically corrects the information after the replacement or repair of various components. That is why the on-board computer is a very important device for any car, regardless of make, model and year of manufacture.

Types of On-board Computers

There are two main types of on-board computers:

  • Models that are adapted to specific cars. They take into account all their design features and working protocols.
  • Universal or multi-system models would  work with different cars and different engines. They are usually easier to find and cheaper.

The simplest models come with a 3 or 4-bit digital display. Newer ones come with a modern LCD. When you choose the on-board computer, just be sure to find out which on-board computers are right for your car.

Usage of On-board Computer

The new on-board computer first needs to be customized for both your personal and your car needs. There is a special connector for this purpose, which is called a diagnostic pad. Some models may require an adapter. Usually, it is available in a standard set. Otherwise, you will have to study the manual.

The computer will start its work as soon as you turn on the ignition. All data will start being displayed onto the control unit. In the settings, you can select installation or custom mode, automatic or manual control. When choosing the last mode, you will have to enter the fuel consumption statistics manually, and based on the data you have entered, the onboard computer will make all the calculations.

In the settings, you can also choose which data to display. Their set depends on the specific device. At the same time, you can сhoose a comfortable brightness, time and other peculiarities. In some models, you can configure how to switch information on the screen and reset the settings.


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